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Polyurea lubricant

Product application:

It is used for high temperature, high load, wide temperature range and lubrication occasions in metallurgical industry, such as continuous rolling mill of steel mill, mould of continuous casting equipment, arc roller way, bending roller way bearing, etc.

Product features:

High drop point, high temperature resistance, long service life, good oxidation stability, excellent extreme pressure resistance and radiation resistance.

The grease is packed with proprietary extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide load capacity without reducing the thermal stability of the grease at high temperatures. Other conventional extreme pressure additives based on sulphur or phosphorous used in lubricating greases where rapid oxidation begins at temperatures exceeding 2500F (1210C). The grease increases the performance benchmark by providing superior wear-resistance and extreme pressure protection even at temperatures up to 3500F (1770C), without rapidly oxidizing the wear-resistance or extreme pressure (EP) additive assemblies. Its excellent high temperature lubrication performance is demonstrated in ASTM D 3336 grease life tests - average ASTM D 3336 grease life over 450 hours, 3-5 times longer than competitive multi-use lithium grease. In addition, during ASTM D 3527 high temperature bearing tests, high quality lithium synthetic grease usually fails after 150 hours, and it runs successfully for 794 hours.

Its unique polyurea thickening system shows extraordinary durability and stability when encountering mechanical shear force. In the ASTM D 217 cone penetration test, its consistency, maintaining the NLGI class after 100,000 strokes, is comparable to that of high quality lithium synthetic grease as an outstanding indicator of shear stability. In contrast, competitive polyurea greases containing shear instability thickening can be softened up to three NLGI grades under the same test conditions. Good mechanical shear stability is important in motor lubrication and roller bearing applications where excessive grease softening may cause grease leakage from the bearing.

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