extreme pressure lithium compound lipid

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Extreme pressure lithium compound lipid

Product application:

It is used for high temperature bearing in petrochemical industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, steel industry, float glass industry, papermaking industry and so on. Also suitable for large motor lubrication. Operating temperature: --20℃ ~ +200℃.

Product features:

This product has high drop point, good high temperature oxidation resistance, good pumping performance, long bearing life, good wear resistance, extreme pressure performance, water resistance, rust resistance. This product will not soften in harsh working environment and has strong adhesion ability. This grease has excellent anti-throwing ability and sealing characteristics. Compared with ordinary lithium grease and MP grease, its performance has higher service temperature and longer service life.

Lithium grease is made from natural fatty acid (stearic acid or 12-hydroxystearic acid) lithium soap, thickening mineral lubricants of medium viscosity or synthetic lubricants, whereas synthetic lithium grease is made from synthetic fatty acid soap, thickening mineral lubricants of medium viscosity. Lithium based greases, especially those thickened with 12 - hydroxyl lithium stearate soaps, become multi-effect, long-life general-purpose greases when added with antioxidants, anti-rust agents and extreme pressure agents. They can replace calcium-based greases and sodium-based greases for bearing lubrication in aircraft, automobiles, tanks, machine tools and various mechanical equipment.

Features: lithium grease, especially 12 - hydroxy stearic acid lithium grease thickened, only two intersecting temperature, the first intersection temperature (i.e., from the pseudo gel state to a gel state) generally above 170 ℃, the second phase transition temperature (that is, from gel state to the sol state) is in commonly 200 ℃ above, therefore, was elected with suitable for mineral oil, can use for a long time at 120 ℃ or short-term use to 150 ℃.

Lithium based greases, especially those thickened by lithium 12-hydroxyl stearate, can be seen by electron microscope to form twin-stranded twisted bands of the soap fibers, so they have good mechanical stability.

By gas chromatography, the adsorption heat of lithium 12-hydroxyl stearate and lithium stearate on alkanes was determined. It was found that the binding strength of lithium 12-hydroxyl acrocolate and lithium stearate to liquid phase on the surface of soap fiber and to liquid phase within the lattice was larger. Therefore, lithium grease has better colloid stability.

The process of alkali metals is less soluble in water. Therefore, lithium grease has good water resistance and can be used for wet and water-contacting mechanical parts.

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