heavy load open gear grease

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Heavy load open gear grease

Product application:

This product is suitable for large, heavy load, low to medium speed open gear lubrication. Load bearing wheel force above 20000kgf/cm2, as well as various types of tooth coupling lubrication. This product is widely used for lubrication of ball mills in thermal power plants, cement kilns, coronal gears and ball mills, forging presses in automobile manufacturers and ball mills in mines.

Service temperature:

25 ℃ ~ 210 ℃.

Product features:

This product has excellent extreme pressure wear resistance, adhesion, water resistance and oxidation resistance.


During storage and transportation, dust pollution should be prevented. This product cannot be mixed with other oils and fats. When using, apply or spray the product evenly on the gear surface. This product is not suitable for newly installed gear without running-in, because it cannot take away the grinding debris generated during running-in.

Open-type gear grease is thickened with inorganic thickener to form lubricating oil, and added with anti-rust agent, extreme pressure additive and structure improver. Special high temperature lasting lubrication ability. Nanometer extreme pressure additive is added in the product, which is distributed evenly on the lubrication surface along with grease, so that the gear can work normally under heavy load without sintering or sticking, and maintain perfect lubrication effect in wet, wet and dusty environment.

Excellent extreme pressure wear resistance, extremely strong permeability stability and impact load resistance; Excellent adhesion, lubricity and high temperature resistance, suitable for high temperature parts; Good mechanical stability and oxidation stability, with a long service life; Good water resistance, rust resistance and protection, used for friction surface lubrication affected by weather and dust.

Used for lubrication of heavy load, low to medium speed open gear; Used for high surface pressure and low speed rail, wheel rail, can be used for loading capacity up to 20000kgf/cm2, as well as various types of tooth coupling lubrication. Used for the high load transmission device of impact or vibration load, such as thermal power plant, cement plant ball mill, mechanical plant forging press and other heavy load open gear and transmission device lubrication.

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