worm gear oil

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Worm gear oil

Product application:

CKE type compound turbine worm oil is mainly used for copper-steel cylindrical type and double enveloping type to bear light load and smooth worm gear pair without impact in transmission. Including the lubrication of gear and bearing, cylinder, clutch and other parts of the equipment, and lubrication of other mechanical equipment working in humid environment; In the process of use should prevent local overheating and oil temperature above 100℃ long-term operation. CKE/P extreme pressure type worm gear and worm oil, mainly used for copper-steel matching cylindrical bearing heavy load, vibration and impact in the transmission of worm gear and worm pair. Including the lubrication of gear and spur gear and other parts of the equipment, and lubrication of other mechanical equipment.

Product features:

1. With good lubricity and high bearing capacity, it can greatly improve the transmission efficiency of worm gear and worm gear.

2. Excellent corrosion and rust resistance, more effective for bronze.


1. Local overheating should be prevented in use.

2. Water and impurities must be avoided from mixing during storage and use.

3. This product shall not be mixed with other oils to avoid poor performance.

Worm gear and worm is composed of inorganic thickener grease thickened high viscosity index synthetic oils, and with extreme pressure antiwear, corrosion prevention, antioxidant and other additives, refined by a special process of high temperature resistant gear grease, the high drop point the viscosity of the grease is stronger, can overcome the high speed centrifugal force, designed to meet the high temperature, high speed under the condition of small motor gear lubrication and noise reduction and development, have excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance and sound attenuation. Applicable temperature range: -40 ~ +220℃

Excellent high temperature resistance, not easy to soften, lose and dry at high temperature;

Excellent high speed resistance, extreme pressure and wear resistance, strong bearing capacity;

Excellent adhesion and oil film lubrication, vibration and noise reduction effect is significant;

Excellent oxidation resistance, good compatibility with most plastics and seals.

※ suitable for high temperature and high speed leak-proof gear parts, small reducer plastic/metal gear and turbine worm lubrication and noise reduction;

※ recommended for lubrication of cylinder piston and gear of electric tools such as hammer, electric drill, cutting machine, Angle grinder, electric scissors lawn mower, etc. It can be used for long-term lubrication of synchronous motor gear of high temperature oven.

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