heavy duty industrial gear oil

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Heavy duty industrial gear oil

Product application:

1, suitable for lubrication of heavy load reducer.

2, can be used for steel, cement, mining, paper, sugar and other industries closed gear rotation system lubrication.

Product features:

1. Excellent bearing capacity, ensuring smooth operation of heavy-duty gear, reducing tooth surface abrasion, effectively reducing operation noise, providing breakthrough abrasion protection for gear under harsh working conditions, and extending service life of equipment.

2, good thermal stability, strong oxidation resistance, can reduce the production of all kinds of harmful oxides.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance, effectively inhibiting corrosion and wear of components.

4, good oil and water separation ability and anti-foam performance, long life.


1. When using this product, the lubrication system must be cleaned to avoid contamination of new oil.

2. Do not mix with other oils. 3, can not be used with metal parts of the occasion.

Heavy duty industrial gear oil is suitable for all kinds of industrial gear lubrication using cycle or splash lubrication methods. Especially suitable for gear lubrication under medium or heavy load or impact load conditions. Such as: metallurgy, chemical fiber, coal, fertilizer and cement and other industrial equipment gear parts.

Under sealed condition, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place indoors, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature baking, flame and strong oxidant, etc. The minimum storage period is 36 months. Keep it sealed when not in use.

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