high temperature anti-bite thread fastener

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High temperature anti-bite thread fastener

Product application:

This product is suitable for lubrication and anti-bonding of screw thread and tight fitting part of pneumatic drill bit in geological exploration, mining, engineering, railway, highway, construction and other industries.

Applicable temperature:

The applicable temperature of this product can reach above 600℃.

Product features:

This product has excellent high temperature resistance, extreme pressure performance, anti - bonding performance.

High temperature grease is short for high temperature grease, used for lubrication and protection of high temperature equipment. Excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability, prevent grease from high temperature deterioration, ensure the lubrication parts to work normally at high temperature for a long time; Excellent adhesion, good mechanical stability and colloid stability, ensure that the lubrication parts will not be lost; Good lubricity, protect the bearing and reduce wear; Excellent comprehensive performance ensures long service life of bearings.

Suitable for lubrication of various bearing, gear, chain and other transmission mechanical parts under high temperature environment; Suitable for lubrication of motor, bearing and gear in metallurgy, mining, oil field, machinery, transportation and other industries under high temperature, heavy load, damp and other bad conditions; Especially suitable for lubrication of mechanical bearings such as flame cutting machine, calender, blower, drying box, mud core drying furnace and corrugated machine. Hunan some paper industry co., LTD. Applies decchi 5605-2# grease to the lubrication of rolling bearing of high-temperature moulding machine of corrugated board production line.

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