high speed stamping oil

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High speed stamping oil

Product application:

Used for all kinds of imported or domestic freezing extrusion equipment, which plays the role of lubrication, cooling and rust prevention.

Product features:

With excellent extreme pressure resistance, wear resistance and rust resistance, the processing workpiece as clean as new, extend the life of the mold.

Stamping oil is a kind of metal processing oil which is mainly composed of vulcanized lard and mixed with various additives such as refined oil agent and rustproof agent. It is also very suitable for plastic forming. It has good lubricity and extreme pressure, and has good protective performance to the mould.

Sheet is suitable for automobile, motorcycle accessories processing, can also be used on drawing, rolling processing of stainless steel parts, with the characteristics of high strength, high adhesion to unitary stamping forming operations can play more surface roughness of workpiece and stretch forming effect, the desirable and in difficult mechanical stamping processing of essential oil.

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