bearing lubricant

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Bearing lubricant

Product application:

This product is mainly used in cement, glass, mining, textile and other industries a variety of high temperature and heavy load bearing or some not easy maintenance, high temperature long running parts of the bearing lubrication and protection, such as all kinds of crusher motor bearing, ball mill, roller press, vertical roll grinding machine, rotary kiln equipment such as motor bearing.

Performance features:

Excellent resistance to high temperature, can work in high temperature environment; 2. Excellent rust resistance, water resistance and mechanical stability; 3. Excellent high and low temperature performance, can be used in temperature changing conditions; 4.

Service temperature:

- 30 ℃ ~ 200 ℃

Bearing oil is used in the bearing oil, lubrication, cooling, anti - pressure, extend the life of the bearing.


Excellent low temperature and normal temperature driving characteristics, low temperature starting and running torque is minimal;

Excellent high speed resistance, lubricity and bearing capacity, which can improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency;

Excellent water resistance and corrosion protection, compatible with most plastics and elastic colloid;

Excellent oxidation stability and aging resistance, long service life.

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