the paper machine circulates oil

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The paper machine circulates oil

Product application:

Used for lubrication of gear and bearing in circulation system of large paper machine.

Product features:

1, excellent extreme pressure wear resistance, can effectively prevent the machine starting and heavy load bearing and gear wear.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance can effectively inhibit the corrosion of copper and other metal surfaces.

3. Excellent thermal oxidation stability, ensuring adequate service life of oil products.

4, good water separation, not easy to emulsify.

5, good filtering, can meet the requirements of modern paper machine filter aperture of 3-6um filter equipment. Oil should have excellent filtration even if it is partially oxidized and contains little water.

6, good dispersion and timely clean the formation of friction surface carbon sludge and friction particles.

7. Equivalent to MOBIL DTE BBPM    

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