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Knitting oil

Product application:

It is specially designed for various imported high speed large cylinder knitting machine, hosiery knitting machine and horizontal knitting machine, which plays a good role in reducing wear and maintenance of equipment and machines.

Product features:

This product is made up of international advanced technology formula, imported base oil and nano additive. Anti - oxygen, anti - wear, anti - rust, emulsification, rinsing and other functions. The equipment is easy to start, running smoothly and quietly without vibration and low noise. This product has good adhesion, not easy to splash, low oil consumption, easy to clean grease stains on cloth, can reduce flying accumulation and broken yarn, improve loom speed and efficiency, and extend the service life of mechanical parts.


1. Do not mix with other oil products to achieve the best effect.

2. Seal and store in a cool and clean place. Do not mix with water and impurities to avoid affecting quality.

3. This product shall be submitted for administration in accordance with the above conditions and shall be valid for two years.


· excellent water cleaning performance

· excellent lubricity to effectively protect the knitting needles from wear and reduce operating noise

· does not react with elastic fabric fibers

Knitting machine oil is specially developed for circular knitting machine, large disc knitting machine, hosiery machine, glove knitting machine and all knitting machines. Good lubrication and protection for knitting needle, settling plate and CAM box, can reduce knitting needle consumption; Good cleaning performance can reduce secondary cloth caused by oil product pollution.

Under sealed condition, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place indoors, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature baking, flame and strong oxidant, etc. The minimum storage period is 36 months. Keep it sealed when not in use.

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