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Conduction oil

Product application:

Used in various oil boiler, oil bath furnace, drying room, heat setting machine, distillation, fractionation, reaction kettle and other heating process needs to provide liquid heat conduction medium occasions. The maximum operating temperature can reach 280℃, 300℃, 320℃ and 350℃ respectively under the condition of isolating air.

Product features:

(1) excellent thermal stability, can maintain long-term heat transfer under high temperature effective performance.

(2) with odorless, non-toxic, pollution-free environment and easy to use and other characteristics.

(3) can automatically form coke dispersion clean, maintain heat conduction oil best heat transfer effect.

Heat conducting oil is the former name of "Heat carrier oil" in GB/T 4016-1983 "petroleum product terminology", and its English name is Heat transfer oil. It is a special oil with good thermal stability used for indirect Heat transfer. Due to its features of uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high temperature under low steam pressure, good heat transfer effect, energy saving, convenient transportation and operation, it has been widely used in various occasions in recent years, and its use and dosage are increasing.

Heat conducting oil has the properties of heat cracking resistance and chemical oxidation resistance, good heat transfer efficiency, fast heat dissipation and good thermal stability. As a heat transfer medium for industrial oil, heat conducting oil has the following characteristics: high operating temperature can be obtained under almost normal pressure. That is, it can greatly reduce the operating pressure and safety requirements of the high-temperature heating system, and improve the reliability of the system and equipment. It can meet the process requirements of heating and cooling at different temperatures in a wider temperature range, or realize the process requirements of both high temperature heating and low temperature cooling with the same heat conducting oil in the same system. It can reduce the complexity of system and operation. The water treatment system and equipment are omitted to improve the thermal efficiency of the system and reduce the maintenance workload of equipment and pipelines. It can reduce the initial investment and operation cost of heating system. In the case of system leakage caused by accident, heat conduction oil may burn when it meets with open fire, which is a problem existing in heat conduction oil system compared with water vapor system. However, under the condition of no leakage, the operating safety of the heat-conducting oil system is higher than that of the water and steam system because it works at low pressure. Compared with another type of high-temperature heat transfer medium molten salt, molten salt has absolute advantages over thermal conductivity oil in terms of the price and service life of heat transfer medium when the operating temperature is above 400℃, but it has obvious disadvantages in other aspects, especially in the complexity of system operation.

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