antiwear hydraulic oil

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antiwear hydraulic oil

Product application:

Suitable for medium and high pressure hydraulic system of mining, steel rolling, paper making, plastic processing and other machinery, blade pump and plunger pump of steel-copper friction pair, etc. Suitable for medium load industrial gear transmission.

Product features:

(1) excellent anti-wear, rust, corrosion resistance, slow down the wear of equipment, extend the service life.

(2) excellent bubble resistance and air release, ensure the accurate transmission of power, so as to minimize microseismic.

(3) excellent oxidation resistance, slow down the decay rate of oil products, extend the oil change cycle.

(4) gray-free copper zero weight loss, can be used in vane pump or steel - copper friction pair of axial piston pump.

(5) good anti-emulsification, can be quickly separated from contact with the water.

(6) will not cause rubber seals hardness and volume changes, to ensure good sealing.

Anti-wear hydraulic oil (HM hydraulic oil) is developed from anti-rust, anti-oxygen hydraulic oil, it has alkaline high zinc, alkaline low zinc, neutral high zinc and ash-free type series products, they are according to 40'C kinematic viscosity into 22, 32, 46, 68 grades. Can be widely used in industrial, shipping and mobile hydraulic and transmission systems, also suitable for ordinary load gear transmission device, bearing and other industrial machinery lubrication can be used in high pressure plunger pump system.

Quality requirements:

(1) suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature performance, to ensure that the hydraulic components in the working pressure and working temperature changes under the condition of good lubrication, cooling and sealing.

(2) good extreme pressure wear resistance, to ensure that the oil pump, hydraulic motor, control valve and cylinder friction pair under high pressure, high speed harsh conditions get normal lubrication, reduce wear.

(3) excellent oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability, to resist the influence or effect of air, water and high temperature, high pressure and other factors, so that it is not easy to aging, prolong the service life.

(4) good bubble resistance and air release value, so as to ensure that the foam generated under the condition of intense mechanical agitation in operation can disappear quickly; And it can release the air mixed with oil in a short time to achieve accurate, sensitive and smooth transmission of static pressure.

(5) good anti-emulsification, can be quickly separated from the water in the mixed oil, so as to avoid the formation of emulsion, causing the metal corrosion of the hydraulic system and reducing the performance.

(6) good rust resistance to prevent metal surface corrosion.

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