Synthetic HTG Chain Oils

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Synthetic HTG Chain Oils

Product application:

Suitable for domestic M751, M771, ZH921 thermoforming machine and imported equipment for lubrication of track and chain and imported SST resin finishing machine for lubrication of track and chain; Building materials industry high temperature drying room chain transmission system lubrication.

Service temperature:

- 42 ~ 325 ℃.

Product features:

High viscosity index, good stability at high temperature, good viscosity temperature performance, not only can meet the requirements of high temperature lubrication chain, but also can ensure the start at room temperature; With a high flash point, can ensure the safety of the equipment work; It has the property of decomposition reaction under the condition of thermal oxidation, cracking into small molecular substances, making the chain and track carbon deposition is very little, and coke removal is easy.

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Key word:合成油脂,链条油,高温链条油

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