antiwear hydraulic oil

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antiwear hydraulic oil

Product application:

Suitable for medium and high pressure hydraulic system of mining, steel rolling, paper making, plastic processing and other machinery, blade pump and plunger pump of steel-copper friction pair, etc. Suitable for medium load industrial gear transmission.

Product features:

1. Excellent anti-wear, rust and corrosion resistance, slow down the wear of equipment and extend the service life.

2. Excellent bubble resistance and air release, ensure the accuracy of power transmission, minimize microvibration.

3. Excellent oxidation resistance, slow down the decay rate of oil products, and extend the oil change period.

4. Ash-free copper sheet has zero weight loss and can be used in vane pump or axial plunger pump of steel-copper friction pair.

5. Good demulsification and quick separation from contact water.

6. It will not cause changes in the hardness and volume of rubber seals, ensuring good sealing.


1. Choose the oil with appropriate viscosity according to the equipment oil requirements.

2. In the process of use and storage, foreign matter pollution shall be prevented, and mechanical impurities and moisture shall be strictly prevented from mixing.

3. Keep the oil tank clean. When changing oil, the oil tank and oil circuit should be clean.

4. Do not mix with other oil products, different types of anti-wear hydraulic oil should not be mixed.

5. Zinc-containing anti-wear hydraulic oil is not suitable for copper and silver materials.

6. Contact with internal combustion engine oil is strictly forbidden, because it will affect performance indexes such as anti-emulsion, anti-foam and air release.

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