Conductive grease

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Conductive grease

Product application:

Used for lubrication and protection of seam welder and other conductive parts. It can also be used for lubrication of other conductive elements, instead of graphite type conductive grease.

Applicable temperature range:

- 30 ~ + 180 ℃.

Product features:

Excellent electrical conductivity. Resistant to high temperature, high pressure and chemical corrosion.

Conductive grease is made of synthetic base oil, conductive carbon black thickener and special additive. Enhance lubricity of contact parts, reduce wear, and effectively derive static electricity. Good compatibility with metal, non-corrosive to metal materials; Temperature range: -50~150

1, safe and reliable operation: conductive grease contains high efficiency lubricant, improve the electrical switch conductive ability, prevent the accumulation of carbon at the contact point, conductive grease has arc reduction performance, reduce the generation of electric spark.

2. Maintenance reduction: the solid extreme pressure lubricant contained in the conductive grease can prevent frequent abrasions during connection. Compatible with most plastics, it protects various metals. Excellent lubrication ability of electrical switch makes it smooth and low noise.

3. Service life: high conductive grease drop point, good adhesion, low temperature leakage, excellent oxidation stability, long service life.

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