transformer oil

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transformer oil

Product application:

For internal cooling of transformers under 330kV and other electrical equipment with similar requirements, no.10 oil is suitable for south of Yangtze river, no.25 oil is suitable for south of Yellow River, no.45 oil is suitable for cold areas in north China.

Product features:

Excellent insulation, oxidation stability and cooling performance.

Transformer oil: is a fractionation product of petroleum. Its main components are alkane, naphthenic saturated hydrocarbon, aromatic unsaturated hydrocarbon and other compounds. Commonly known as square shed oil, light yellow transparent liquid, relative density 0.895. Freezing point <-45 ℃.

Transformer oil is a kind of mineral oil obtained from distillation and refining of natural petroleum, which is a mixture of liquid natural hydrocarbons with pure and stable, low viscosity, good insulation and cooling property obtained from lubricating oil distillate through acid and alkali refining treatment. Commonly known as fang peng oil, light yellow transparent liquid.

Main functions of transformer oil:

(1) insulation: transformer oil has much higher insulation strength than air. The insulation material soaked in oil can not only improve the insulation strength, but also protect from moisture.

(2) heat dissipation: the specific heat of transformer oil is large, commonly used as a coolant. The heat generated during the operation of the transformer causes the oil close to the core and winding to expand with heat. Through the convection of the oil, the heat is distributed through the radiator to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.

(3) arc suppression: on the on-load voltage regulating switch of oil circuit breaker and transformer, arc will be generated when contact is switched. Due to the good thermal conductivity of transformer oil, and under the action of high temperature of the arc, it can touch a large number of gases and generate great pressure, thus improving the performance of arc extinguishing of the medium, so that the arc will be extinguished very quickly.

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