hydraulic transmission oil

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Hydraulic transmission oil

Product application:

No.6 oil is mainly used for hydraulic torque converter and hydraulic coupler of large vehicles such as diesel locomotive, heavy load truck, track vehicle and off-road vehicle. It is also suitable for hydraulic drive system of construction machinery. No.8 oil is suitable for hydraulic automatic transmission system of all kinds of small cars and light trucks.

Product features:

Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance. 2. Good thermal stability and antioxidant stability.

Hydraulic transmission oil, also known as automatic transmission oil (ATF) or automatic transmission oil, used in the vehicle automatic transmission composed of hydraulic torque converter, hydraulic coupling and mechanical transmission as the working medium, with the help of liquid kinetic energy transfer function.

Suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature performance, ensure the normal operation of hydraulic drive device in the temperature range of -40 ~ 170℃.

Good wear resistance, to ensure that all kinds of different materials of hydraulic transmission parts in operating conditions is not easy to be worn.

Good thermal stability and antioxidant stability, suitable for long-term recycling in the working conditions of 70 ~ 140℃ (or higher).

Good low temperature fluidity, low freezing point, in order to adapt to the machine on and off and winter operating conditions.

Good foam resistance, so that the oil under the working conditions of constant stirring machinery foam easy to disappear. So as not to reduce the efficiency of the converter and make the gear shift malfunction.

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