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Gasoline engine oil

Product application:

As the engine oil for automobile (bus), it can also be used for domestic or imported cars and any gasoline engine lubrication with SE,SF grade oil or CD grade diesel engine lubrication.

Product features:

It can prevent the formation of low temperature oil sludge, with excellent low temperature start-up and anti-oxygen, rust and lubrication properties.


Choose the appropriate viscosity. 2. Choose a reasonable oil change period. 3. In order to extend the service life of gasoline oil and diesel oil, clean the dirty oil and wash the residual oil when refueling or changing oil. 4. This product cannot be mixed with other oils.

Gasoline engine oil, also known as "motor oil or motor oil." Used as lubricating oil for carburetor engines of automobiles, tractors, motorcycles or other gasoline engine machinery. The residue oil of oil lubricating oil distillate or deasphalting is prepared by dewaxing, sulfuric acid (or solvent) refining and clay treatment, and adding certain amount of additives.

Zhejiang shell bang litte oil co., LTD. Is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The system was transformed in February 1999, and registered the product trademarks of "shell bang li te" "shanniu". Through continuous integration and development, the company now has first-class technology and perfect testing means at home and abroad. The company can produce ten kinds of medium/high grade lubricating oil (grease, agent), aiming at different enterprise types, such as metallurgy industry, metal processing industry, printing and dyeing textile industry, paper industry, ceramics industry, electrical industry, vehicle and so on. The company's newly developed "l-t multi-effect grinding cutting fluid" has excellent rust resistance, lubricity and excellent chip discharge cooling effect, which can extend the life of the tool and have excellent protective effect on the equipment. Liquid phase was cut with USA codol-0748 emulsion oil and Austria alpha-100 transparent grinding.

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