advanced automotive brake fluid

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Advanced automotive brake fluid

Product application:

Used in automobile braking system

Product features:

Good low temperature fluidity, corrosion resistance, wetting, no air resistance

Product instructions:

1, alcohol brake fluid volatile, flammable, sealed packaging, storage and use should pay attention to fireworks, synthetic brake fluid easy to absorb water, pay attention to sealing, do not open storage, to prevent the sun, rain to prevent deterioration.

2. The tool container for canned brake fluid must be specially used and not mixed with other oil products. 3, different types and brands of good brake fluid must not be mixed use.

There are three types of brake fluid. Choose reliable manufacturers when shopping, and the higher the better. Its brake working pressure is generally 2MPa high up to 4~5MPa. All liquids have incompressible properties. In sealed containers or fluid-filled pipelines, when the liquid is under pressure, it quickly and evenly transfers the pressure through all parts of the liquid. Hydraulic braking is using this principle to work.

Qualified brake fluid has several characteristics:

1. Ensure flexible transmission of braking force under high temperature, cold, high speed, hot and humid conditions;

2. Non-corrosive to the metal and non-metallic materials of the brake system;

3. Can effectively lubricate the moving parts of the brake system, and extend the service life of the brake pump and the leather bowl.

The performance requirements for brake fluid are:

1. Good viscosity and temperature, low freezing point and low temperature fluidity;

2. High boiling point, no air resistance at high temperature;

3. The quality changes in the process of use are small, without causing corrosion and deterioration of metal and rubber parts.

Silicone brake fluid

The traditional brake fluid is based on ethylene glycol hydraulic fluid transmission oil, ethylene glycol brake fluid maximum weak is easy to absorb water, thus reducing its boiling point, when the fast brake, brake produced high temperature will lead to water and ethylene glycol mixture boiling, produce gas plug phenomenon, and cause the attenuation of brake fluid storage. In addition, the ethylene glycol brake fluid after water absorption will cause corrosion on the surface of the paint.

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