gear oil for vehicle

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Gear oil for vehicle

Product application:

Mainly used for lubrication of manual gearbox and spiral gear rear axle of automobile (bus).

Product features:

1, good extreme pressure wear resistance, can form a firm oil film on the surface of the gear, to adapt to the characteristics of high working pressure of the gear transmission device, prevent the gear surface scratch and glue.

2. Low groove point and low temperature fluidity to ensure easy start and normal use of the vehicle at low temperature.

3. Good anti-oxidation stability, suitable for long-term use under harsh conditions, and not easy to oxidize and decay.

4. Good foam resistance, so as to ensure less foam and easy elimination in the process of vigorous stirring under operating conditions.

5, good rust resistance, to ensure that the gear transmission parts do not produce corrosion and corrosion.


1. Common vehicle gear oil cannot be used for hyperbolic gear rear axle.

2. Common vehicle gear oil and heavy load vehicle gear oil cannot be mixed, nor can they be mixed with other thick internal combustion engine oil or synthetic oil to avoid accidents.

3. The gear oil in use should be changed according to the oil change index. When changing the oil, clean the gear box and add new oil.

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