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High quality high temperature resistant grease (high temperature resistant 300℃ butter)

Product application:

Used in bearing, slide bar, slide valve, rolling, rotating, moving and other mechanical equipment of chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, military industry, light textile, printing and dyeing industry, it plays the role of lubrication, protection and sealing.

Product features:

It has excellent properties of high temperature resistance, high extreme pressure, water vapor resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance. Maximum service temperature is 300 degrees

High temperature resistant grease is a kind of ester synthetic oil with excellent low temperature performance thickened by organic thickener. This low temperature grease is mainly designed for the lubrication of precision equipment that requires low temperature movement and operation torque. It provides excellent rust and corrosion protection. Applicable temperature range: -50 ~ +150℃.

Excellent high and low temperature performance, small starting torque at low temperature;

Excellent lubrication and adhesion properties, wide operating temperature range;

Excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance, with long-term rust resistance;

Excellent mechanical stability, colloid stability and storage, long service life. High temperature resistant grease is a kind of lubricating oil thickened with complex soap and made with structure improver, antioxidant additive and special anti-wear additive.

Excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability, prevent grease from high temperature deterioration, ensure the lubrication parts to work normally at high temperature for a long time; Excellent adhesion, good mechanical stability and colloid stability, ensure that the lubrication parts will not be lost; Good lubricity, protect the bearing and reduce wear; Excellent comprehensive performance ensures long service life of bearings.

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