vacuum pump oil

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vacuum pump oil

Product application:

It is suitable for lubrication of sealing box of various volumetric vacuum pump (mechanical vacuum pump) and lubrication of gear transmission system of roots vacuum pump (mechanical booster pump).

Product features:

Low saturation vapor pressure and limit pressure, good vacuum performance, good thermal stability and chemical stability, suitable viscosity, low volatility.


1. Do not mix with water and impurities to avoid pollution and reduce the use effect.

2. After use, the vacuum pump oil shall be recycled in special drums and cans, and shall not be mixed with other oil products.

Vacuum pump oil is a kind of lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pump on vacuum equipment.

Oxidation stability: direct contact with air, resin and chemical raw materials at high temperature for a long time is also not easy to deteriorate, reducing the formation of harmful paint film and oil scale, providing a longer oil change cycle.

Rust and corrosion resistance: it can form a very effective anticorrosive film on the metal surface, which can completely prevent the system corrosion caused by inhalation of corrosive gases and moisture.

It can quickly separate the water in the oil and achieve the required vacuum degree.

Lower vapor pressure prevents oil from diffusing from the pump cavity to vacuum system. So you have enough limiting vacuum.

Vacuum pump oil is suitable for use of reciprocating booster pump, mechanical booster pump and oil seal mechanical vacuum pump. Recommended for crafts, ceramics, chemistry and other fields of vacuum pump use.

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