oxidation of vegetable oil

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Oxidation of vegetable oil

Product ingredients:

High polyfatty glycerides

Product application:

Widely used in guide oil, cutting oil, spindle oil, punching oil, grinding oil and other lubricating grease, increase the strength of oil film, improve the lubrication and the protection of metal, is a completely degradable new oily agent. Also used in alkyd resin, ink production, water - based saponification oil, extreme pressure emulsion oil (liquid), rust - resistant emulsion oil (liquid), wire cutting emulsion oil (liquid) production, but also as fuel oil cleaning energy saving agent additive.

Product features:

Excellent lubrication, adhesion, chemical stability, and excellent protection of metal surface.

Oxidized rapeseed oil is also known as oxidized polymerized rapeseed oil. Hairdryer rapeseed oil and hairdryer rapeseed oil; Wind blowing rapeseed oil, wind blowing rapeseed oil; Wind - made rapeseed oil, wind - made rapeseed oil, etc.

Vegetable oil oxidation main application in alkyd resin, ink production and other fields, can be widely used in the industries of special oil, stamping oil, for example, drawing oil, cutting oil, rust-proof oil guide oil, spindle oil, high-speed spinning oil, etc., can also be used for water-based saponification oil, emulsified oil extreme pressure (liquid), antirust emulsified oil (liquid), linear cutting emulsified oil (liquid) and so on, also can be used as a fuel oil additives, can be used for fuel oil clean energy saving anti-friction additives, etc.

Oxidation of vegetable oil is a kind of renewable green lubricants, have very good lubricity and adhesion, due to the depth after polymerization, it also has the very good chemical stability, acid value, color, normal use viscosity is very stable, has a natural raw material, fully biodegradable, easy to clean and conform to the requirements of the new materials of environmental protection and other characteristics, so it will have a very good development and application of space.

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