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Fine grinding fluid

Product application:

Used in machining process of metal, such as car, mill, milling, drill, countersink, insert and cut, it plays the role of lubrication, cooling, cleaning and rust prevention.

Product features:

With excellent rust resistance, lubricity and excellent chip discharge cooling effect, it can prolong the life of cutting tools and has an excellent protective effect on equipment. Liquid phase for transparent grinding with codoi-0748 ep emulsion oil from USA and alpha-100 transparent grinding liquid phase from Austria.


It can be used in the general processing process. According to the lubrication and cooling requirements of the process, the concentration of the working fluid can be adjusted. In recycling, the amount of oil consumed should be replenished in time.

This product is an ionic cutting grinding fluid made up of water-soluble anti-rust agent, lubricating additive and ionic surfactant.

No sodium nitrite and mineral oil, easy to use, can significantly improve the surface finish of the workpiece, reduce grinding wheel wear, improve grinding efficiency, prolong the life cycle, reduce environmental pollution.

The grinding fluid of high precision grinding machine is also suitable for grinding of ordinary grinding machine and centerless grinding machine.

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