rustproof extreme pressure emulsion oil

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Rustproof extreme pressure emulsion oil

Product application:

Used in the process of metal processing, such as car, grinding, lubrication, cooling, cleaning, rust prevention.

Product features:

It has good resistance to oxygen, corrosion and rust.


According to the use of different concentrations of emulsion, rust, lubrication performance requirements: reduce the ratio of water, cooling, cleaning requirements: increase the ratio of water, the general use concentration is: 2% ~ 5%.

Commonly said emulsified oil is oil (gasoline, diesel or heavy oil)70% ~ 90% add water nearly 30% ~ 10%(mass ratio, the same below), add additives 0.5% ~ 1%, and then through special equipment for emulsification. The smaller and more uniform the particles are, the longer the stability period of emulsified oil will be. Generally, 1 ~ 6 months will be needed for the demulsification of emulsified oil after the separation of oil and water, and the demulsification will lose its performance. There are amphoteric molecules, such as surfactants, adsorbed on the surface of oil particles of emulsified oil. To remove the emulsified oil, dissolved air flotation method is often adopted, and coagulant is added before air flotation to make the emulsified oil off the stability, so as to improve the effect of air flotation oil removal.

The physical action of the emulsified oil combustion process is known as the "micro-explosion" theory. Oil-in-water molecular groups, oil is continuous phase, water is dispersed phase. Since oil has a higher boiling point than water, water always boils first and evaporates or boils. When the pressure in the oil droplet exceeds the sum of the surface tension of the oil and the ambient pressure, the water vapor breaks through the resistance of the oil film and causes the oil droplet to explode, forming a smaller oil droplet. This is called microexplosion or secondary atomization. Small droplets of oil after an explosion burn more easily. Therefore, oil combustion is more complete, so that the internal combustion engine or oil furnace to achieve the effect of energy saving. Chemical action is water gas reaction. Under hypoxic conditions, the carbon particles generated by high-temperature pyrolysis in the fuel can react with water vapor to form CO2 and H2, so that the carbon particles can be fully burned, which improves the combustion rate and reduces the soot content in the exhaust smoke.

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