How to identify spoiled lubricating oil

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In the process of lubricating oil use, some bulk oil products deteriorate due to improper storage. Therefore, to master some of the deterioration of the lubricating oil identification method, for the safety of oil a guarantee.

One is oil flow observation method: take two measuring cups, one of which is filled with lubricating oil to be checked, the other empty on the table, will be filled with lubricating oil measuring cup held high from the desktop 30 ~ 40 cm and tilt, let the oil slowly flow to the empty cup, observe its flow. Good quality lubricating oil flow slender, uniform, continuous; If the flow velocity suddenly fast and slow, sometimes there are large pieces of flow, that the oil has deteriorated.


Second, the hand twist method: the oil twist between the thumb and the index finger repeatedly grinding, better lubricating oil has lubricity, less abrasive debris, no friction; If you feel a greater friction between your fingers, such as sand, it indicates that there are many impurities in the lubricating oil, can not be used again, should be replaced with a new lubricating oil.

The third method is illumination: on a clear day, lift the lubricating oil with a screwdriver, and form a 45 degree Angle with the horizontal plane, contrast the sunlight, observe the oil droplets. Under the light, it is good to see that there is no abrasive particles in the lubricating oil. If wear debris is too much, it should be replaced.

Four is the oil drop trace method: take a clean white filter paper, drop a few drops of oil, after the oil leakage, if there is black powder on the surface, touch with the hand there is blocking feeling, it means that there are many impurities in the oil, good oil without powder, touch with the hand dry and smooth, traces are yellow.

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