What do you know about car oil?

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When choosing oil, many drivers often consider only the price and ignore the performance of the oil itself. The proper choice of oil is the responsibility of the vehicle. Here are some simple tips for choosing oil.

You can save money by changing the oil on time


Not changing the oil regularly will significantly reduce the wear resistance of the oil. Long periods of poor lubrication can damage an engine, and the cost of "healing" an engine is more than a barrel or two of oil. As the engine continues to run and the oil stays hot for a long time, sludge, carbon, water, acid and incomplete combustion materials will gradually form in the oil. On the other hand, the additives in the oil will affect the performance of the oil because they are consumed with the use. Regular oil change can completely and timely discharge of impurities and pollutants inside, so that the parts are always in a good lubrication protection state.

Due to the different engine designs, it is suggested to determine the oil change cycle according to the provisions of the vehicle service and maintenance manual, and to take into account the old and new condition of the engine and the operating environment to make appropriate adjustments to the oil change cycle. How long does the car need to change the steering oil

General automobile manufacturers do not strictly regulate the steering booster hydraulic oil replacement cycle. Most car maintenance shops will refer to other service enterprises in the same industry, learn from each other. There are also more standardized enterprises will refer to the car maintenance requirements of foreign automobile companies, and combined with the current road conditions, air quality and the technical level of the use of personnel and other factors to make more reasonable provisions.

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