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Ten mistakes in lubrication management

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Myth 1: equipment lubrication management organization is not sound, lubrication management personnel change frequently

Mechanical lubrication fluid equipment lubrication management benefits are lagging, long-term, enterprise lack of lubrication management long-term plan, loose organization; The equipment management department only USES on-site oil for equipment, but does not calculate what oil is used for equipment. There is no unified management for the inspection of new oil and online equipment oil. Lubrication manager (lubrication engineer) is unstable and changes frequently. This is a big mistake in lubrication management.

Mistake two: the spot oil product pollution, acceleration equipment failure

Due to the lack of lubrication knowledge, the maintenance time of large equipment is tight, and there is no cleaning and oil change time, so it is not possible to clean and replace the oil systematically. For a long time, only oil filling and no oil change is done, which results in serious oil pollution, including water, dust and wear particles, which accelerates the wear of the equipment. The field equipment lubrication card does not change for a long time, the refueling tool does not have the mark, the oil drum mixes USES.

Mistake three: the oil selection of the equipment is not standard, speed up the failure of the equipment

This problem is mainly reflected in the imported equipment and worm gear gear box lubrication oil, oil selection only from the price consideration, did not consider the imported precision equipment volume small driving torque is large, general mineral oil can not withstand large load caused by wear of spare parts; Then is the worm gear gear box oil, worm gear box is mainly sliding friction, and rolling friction, worm gear for copper, choose the general mineral extreme pressure gear oil. In general mineral oil extreme pressure additives, the main components are sulfur and phosphorus ions, sulfur, phosphorus and worm gear gear box copper worm gear has a strong corrosive and offensive. Working at high sliding friction, extreme pressure additive corrosion destroys the integrity of the gear surface, greatly increasing the friction coefficient on the surface of the worm wheel, and subsequent contact and sliding between metal surfaces causes catastrophic wear.

Myth 4: no equipment lubrication oil detection, no monitoring no control

There are only a few enterprises carrying out oil products physical and chemical indicators testing, and there are more than 4,000 domestic lubricating oil enterprises of all sizes, with uneven rust and muddy-looking, enterprises lack of lubricating oil monitoring center or monitoring station. If the new oil entering the factory is not tested for physical and chemical indexes, it cannot be explained whether the oil is qualified. If the new oil entering the factory cannot be controlled, if the oil in the online equipment is not tested, it is impossible to talk about the lubrication management of the equipment. This is the main reason for not cleaning the oil line of the oil tank after changing the oil for a long time.

Myth 5: large equipment lacks in-line oil filtration systems

The equipment manager thinks that the filter in the back pipe of the thin oil station is used to filter out the pollution particles in the oil. Some equipment has filter system when newly installed, but there is a long-term phenomenon of not changing the filter core, which exists in normal use. First, I do not know when to change the filter core, and second, the filter core is not changed according to the required precision.

Mistake six: the site have no full-time lubrication workers, refueling work by operators responsible for

Through oil analysis, it was found that there was mixed oil in the oil of the equipment. There was no way to check the cause and responsible person of this phenomenon, because one equipment needed at least four operators of one position to be responsible for refueling. Which shift filled the wrong oil? It is not easy to check, check the cause is not good rectification, and there is no standard oil mixing tool.

Myth # 7: construction units purchase equipment oil for new projects without effective supervision

Enterprise equipment oil in the new expansion projects, is the purchase of lubricating oil by construction units themselves, different manufacturers lubrication oil prices vary considerably, and in charge of construction management personnel did not understand the lubrication knowledge, construction units will be good, as a condition to DiDai high, caused the early wear and tear caused by the improper oil, even major equipment accident.

8. Failure to monitor lubrication and wear of equipment

Although some large enterprises have carried out oil product testing, they only test the physical and chemical indexes of new oil and online oil products, and can only detect the changes of moisture, impurities, viscosity and acid value in oil. ISO 4406-99 contamination standard has been widely used abroad to detect oil pollution particles, through the automatic particle counter to count the size and number of particles in oil, oil pollution control, reduce wear and tear parts. At present, pollution monitoring has been regarded as the most important lubricating oil monitoring project abroad, and China is still using "machine miscellaneous" to check the percentage of particles in oil. The units that carry out wear condition monitoring are very few. The so-called oil condition monitoring is to monitor the wear condition of friction pair in oil through monitoring instruments, and understand the size and content of wear components and particles through spectral analysis. Do regular tracking analysis, do forecast equipment maintenance, maintenance as per the situation. For example: iron shop analysis, spectral analysis.

Mistake nine: the promotion difficulty of new material is big, equipment choose oil who decide

Equipment oil selection is the biggest problem, state-owned enterprises have the same problem, which is also the common shortcomings of state-owned enterprises in lubrication management. Who decides what oil to use? Foreign lubrication engineers, of course, have the final say on equipment oil, but domestic enterprises have the final say on equipment oil by the supply department.

Myth 10: no training plan for lubrication management

In recent years, the lubrication technology has been developing rapidly. The company arranged lubrication engineers and some equipment managers to go out to participate in the equipment lubrication communication meeting. Although some knowledge was gained, most equipment managers did not participate in the training. Lack of internal training plans, equipment managers do not know how much harm solid particles, water in the oil to the equipment, or even how to choose the oil viscosity, resulting in the mixing of oil. Do not know the lubrication knowledge, equipment lubrication oil selection, when to change the oil, only on the equipment frequent rush repair and maintenance.

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