Rustproof oil usage and precautions

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The surface pretreatment method of antirust

1) clean the surface.

The proper method of cleaning must be selected according to the nature of the surface and the conditions at the time. The commonly used methods include solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical scrubbing.

2) dry surface.

After cleaning can be filtered dry compressed air blowing, or with 120-170℃ dryer for drying, can also be clean gauze dry.

The coating method of quick-drying thin layer anti-rust oil

1) dip coating method

Dip the clean metal parts into the liquid anti-rust oil. When the oil products are fully coated on the metal surface to a certain oil film thickness, take out and drain, then the dip is finished. This method is more suitable for large quantities of metal products and spare parts, such as: bearing, measuring tools, cutting tools, hardware, standard parts, automobile and agricultural machinery parts and other medium and small metal parts of the oil seal. Large pieces can also use a single dip coating. Not suitable for coated products.

2) brush painting

Dip the oil with a brush and apply it to the clean metal surface. This method is suitable for all products, especially for parts with paint or avoid oil, only partial anti-rust brush is more suitable. For example, large machinery and equipment, can be dipped oil brush brush. Products with complex structures, pipes and holes should be used in combination with other methods. In the process of brush coating, coating should not be too thick, horizontal and vertical coating brush uniform, so as not to produce oxygen concentration difference battery on the metal surface because of coating thickness uneven, make coating thick place appear corrosion. Prevent corrosion from brush leaks.

3) spraying

In use, high pressure jet spray oil on clean metal parts surface. This method is suitable for large area surface, vertical cylinder surface, precision product surface, inner and outer exposed surface of large mechanical equipment. In the process of spraying, according to the viscosity of oil choose spray gun, control the appropriate pressure, oil mist should be uniform, no filar oil or intermittent phenomenon. At the same time control a certain oil temperature spraying distance, according to a certain direction extended coating on the surface of the products.

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