The action and mechanism of cutting fluid

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A, grease manufacturers on the cutting fluid function and mechanism:

1, the lubrication of cutting fluid and its mechanism: lubrication including oil, wear resistance, extreme pressure. Oiliness refers to the friction-reducing properties of lubricants; Wear resistance refers to the ability of lubricant to form a film on the friction surface and prevent wear under light and medium load conditions, that is, under fluid lubrication or lubrication conditions. Extreme pressure refers to the ability of lubricant to prevent abrasion and sintering of friction surface under low speed and high load or high impact load, i.e. boundary lubrication.

2, the cutting fluid cooling effect and mechanism: the so-called cutting fluid cooling, refers to the cutting fluid in the wet cutting process by convection, conduction, evaporation and other forms of heat exchange to take away the cutting area and reduce its temperature performance.

3, the cutting fluid cleaning action and its mechanism: including mechanical flushing action and physical and chemical action. Mechanical flushing is the use of nozzle directly acting on the cutting area and workpiece surface, wash away scattered in the work area cutting and gravity precipitation on the surface of the workpiece dirt. Physical and chemical action is the cutting fluid contains surfactant, because the surfactant reduces the interfacial tension and produces wetting, permeability, emulsification, dispersion, volume increase and other comprehensive effects.

Ii. Anti-corrosion effect and mechanism of cutting fluid:

Metal corrosion is a kind of material damage caused by chemical or electrochemical action.

To improve the corrosion resistance of water-soluble cutting fluid, it is mainly realized by rational design formula composition, especially selecting reasonable anti-rust additive. Oil-based cutting fluid is generally not easy to corrosion of metal, but if there are organic acids are prone to corrosion, mainly by adding oil soluble rust inhibitor to achieve rust prevention.

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