A brief introduction to dehydrating anti-rust oil

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1 product use

The dewatering and anti-rust oil is mainly used for anti-rust of various metal working procedures, with the triple functions of dewatering, removing waste liquid and anti-rust.

Second performance characteristics

This product is orange red liquid, from refined oil with international high-grade synthetic oil, add a variety of efficient additives, special additives, prepared by exquisite technology.

1, with a good neutralization and replacement ability, can effectively replace or neutralize the residual sweat stains and a small amount of water on the surface of the workpiece. It has good extraction effect.

2. It can replace, prevent and clean human sweat and remove fingerprints to some extent.

3. Under the condition of hot and humid, salt fog, it has good rust prevention and protection effect

4. Easy to clean.

5. Good oil stability.

Iii. Method of use

According to the requirements of various processing technologies, a variety of different forms of oil coating methods (such as dip, dip coating, spraying, etc.) can be used.

Iv matters needing attention

1. Dip should be uniform to ensure the uniformity of oil film, so as to increase oil performance.

2, do not mix with metal debris, wool and other debris; Keep away from open fire.

3. This oil is strictly forbidden to contact with water. Otherwise the performance of the oil will be reduced.

4. The following points should be paid attention to when using:

(1) if found on the surface of the workpiece rust, first remove rust, ensure the surface of the workpiece clean, and then into the process of dipping and oiling.

(2) there is a lot of dirt on the surface of the workpiece, it is suggested to carry out oil pre-treatment, to ensure the rust effect.

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