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Zhejiang shell bang litte oil co., LTD. To create the brand of "beef lubrication"

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Bond force, zhejiang shell oil co., LTD is a special oil co., LTD., the parent company of hangzhou force, the company focus on a variety of special lubricants resin series products research and development, production, sales, has 37 years and have ten categories, thousands of varieties of medium/high-end lubricating oil (grease, agent) force of agents more understand your oil demand, meet the personalized requirements of lubricating grease equipment and industry makes lubrication more save more efficient, testing by SGS, ISO system certification, the products sell well all over the country, and exported to foreign countries, has a good reputation in the industry.

The company strives to create the trademark of "brave ox lubrication" products. Adhering to the new core concept of "green development, harmony and win-win", the company is committed to providing suitable lubricating oil (grease) application solutions for customers with the purpose of "extending the service life of equipment for customers, reducing production costs and reducing maintenance hours". I believe that under the wise leadership of the company's leadership, the new brand will be better and better, the industry reputation will be thriving, and the future will certainly be world-renowned.

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