Special properties of metal cutting fluid of sawing machine and matters needing attention in use

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The special properties of metal cutting fluid of saw machine and the matters needing attention in use are discussed

1, the role of metal cutting fluid:

In the process of saw cutting, cutting fluid can not only take away a lot of cutting heat, reduce the temperature of saw cutting area, but also play a role in lubrication, reduce the friction between tooth tip and material, reduce cutting force, improve the durability and productivity of saw blade. Cutting fluid has the function of cooling, lubrication and cleaning to prevent chip tumor and improve rust prevention.

2. Economic benefits and proportion requirements of metal cutting fluid:

Do not use metal cutting fluid, or cutting fluid type selection improper, ratio imbalance, will lead to premature wear of saw blade tooth, serious will cause the heating of machine tool parts and shorten the service life, thereby increasing production costs, reduce productivity. Cutting fluid ratio is based on the mechanical properties of the material, chemical composition, sawtooth material and determine. The recommended proportion is 5% for easy cut steel, 10-15% for high strength steel and 5-10% for other materials.

The metal cutting fluid on the sawing machine should be paid attention to

(1) in order to prevent the metal cutting fluid due to chemical action changes, reduce the function, the use of machine tool cutting fluid container: pipeline, water pump, to be thoroughly cleaned with metal cleaning agent, and wash with tap water, and then wipe clean with clean cotton yarn. Do not wash with washing powder or soap water.

(2) prepare directly with tap water and clean water, without heating or other treatment.

(3) regularly check whether the cutting fluid is moldy and smelly, remove sundries and iron scraps, and replace the cutting fluid when necessary.

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